1. Save Water by Redirecting Your Sump Pump to a Rain Barrel

    In times of drought like we’ve recently been experiencing, cities often enforce water restrictions for tasks like watering your lawn. When it finally does rain, it can be heartbreaking to see all that extra water flowing into storm drains instead of into your yard. But it doesn’t have to be that…Read More

  2. Septic Tanks 101

    If you live in a rural area or even a small suburb or town, you may be a part of the 25 percent of the population that uses a septic tank. Do you know what yours does and how to maintain it?  What is a Septic Tank? A septic tank is part of a septic system that is basically a small sewer treatment s…Read More

  3. Eliminate Hose Hassle With an Outdoor Faucet!

    Today, I’m going to give you a pass. Go ahead and throw out the guilt. Because life is short. And sometimes, we deserve a little splurge once in awhile. Or in this case, a splash. So go for it. And really consider how much easier your life could be with an outdoor faucet. Make Life Easier With an…Read More

  4. Common Toilet Problems

    Issues with your toilet can be very stressful. Before you panic, know that most common toilet problems are easy to fix and you do not need a professional plumber to come to fix it. No matter the toilet problem, remember to be careful and always have a professional in mind to call if things go awry. …Read More

  5. Prevent Flooding with a Sump Pump

    We’re all familiar with the torrential rainstorms we get here in the Midwest, and hopefully you’ve never had to deal with a flooded basement. If your basement is prone to flooding, though, a sump pump could be an excellent investment. Sump Pump Basics What is a sump pump? A sump pump removes wat…Read More

  6. Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Grill with Natural Gas

    Is there anything more frustrating when you’re looking to enjoy a nice evening on your deck or patio grilling out with family or friends only to find you’ve run out of gas and need to run to the hardware store to pick up yet another tank? Never Buy Another Tank of Gas for Your Grill Outdoor gril…Read More

  7. Best Toilet Cleaners

    Cleaning the toilet is probably the least desirable chore to do around the house. However undesirable it is, it is necessary to do. A great toilet bowl cleaner is an item that will help reduce the frustration. There are several different kinds of toilet bowl cleaners. Here are some of the best aroun…Read More

  8. Tankless Water Heaters: Are They Worth the Investment?

    With all the encouragement out there to “go green” and save money, you might be tempted to install a tankless water heater in your home. But is it really a worthwhile investment? Let’s take a look at the facts. Will a tankless water heater save me money? Tankless water heaters use high-powered…Read More

  9. The Truth About Bidets

    In movies and on television, bidets are often cast as the butt of the joke, so to speak. Foreign, hard to use, water spraying everywhere — we admit we’ve laughed, too. But the truth is, bidets are actually pretty awesome. Here’s why. Definition First off, a bidet is a low-mounted fixture, some…Read More