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Heating Maintenance and Repair Services

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It seems as though your heating system never chooses a convenient time to break down.

Most commonly these situations happen on the coldest day of the year when all you want to do is thaw off in the warmth of your home or business. Having maintenance done on your heating system regularly helps to keep it running properly and offer your heating unit a much longer lifespan.

Even with proper maintenance, heating systems will need repairs every now and again. If your heating system seems to not be running properly, contact our expert heating technicians at Andy’s Pipe Dream in Kansas City today! We are here to assist you day and night with all your heating repair and maintenance needs.

Keep Your Heating System Functioning Properly

Heating systems have advanced in many ways throughout the years and have been built into these hardy machines. Your heating system is built to last, but without proper care and maintenance to keep it functioning properly, you will find it breaking down and needing to be repaired or replaced more than normal.

Most people ignore the small signs of their heating system needing maintenance due to the cost or simply not getting around to it before it becomes a bigger issue. While durable and well-built, something as small as dust build-up can lead to costly repairs or replacements of your heating system if the problem is ignored. Contact our team at Andy’s PIpe Dream today for heating maintenance services that will save you headaches and frustration in the future!

Our Heating Maintenance Services

Many homes or businesses are equipped with a slightly different heating system, which can make maintenance a bit more difficult if you do not understand your specific system. From heat pumps to forced-air systems and more, our heating technicians have the experience and knowledge needed to properly service your system. 

The majority of maintenance will be needed seasonally to avoid problems from occurring in the midst of a cold front. As a homeowner or business owner, it is advised that you turn your thermostat on as soon as colder weather is predicted for the season to ensure that the heating system is kicking on properly. Additionally, you should be checking the filter every month and changing it as needed throughout the year to avoid problems regarding build-up. If something doesn’t seem right when performing these maintenance items or a bigger issue arises, be sure to contact a professional for assistance. Continue reading below for more information about our professional heating maintenance services. Call Andy’s Pipe Dream in Kansas City today with questions or comments! 

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Forced-Air System Maintenance

Our heating technicians will clean out any dust, dirt, and soot from the combustion chamber within your furnace to ensure that it can light properly and efficiently. Additionally, we will perform maintenance on the blower to keep it clean and to check any belts that it contains.

Heat Pump Maintenance 

Outdoor maintenance for your heat pump includes keeping the area around the pump clean and free from debris. Additionally, our heating technicians inspect all electrical connections, the blower wheel, belts, and coils to ensure they are working correctly and are cleaned properly.

Ductwork Maintenance

Within forced-air heating systems, the major area needing maintenance is the ductwork. Our heating technicians will inspect your ductwork to find any damages such as openings or leaks as well as dust build-up or rusting. After inspecting, our team will properly clean all ducts and registers.

Hydronic System Maintenance

The most important maintenance item for hydronic systems is the water pressure and temperature as that is what powers the heating system. Our heating technicians will also clean the combustion chamber, radiator, and baseboard heaters as well as fully drain and flush the system.

The Importance Of Repairing Your Heating System

As we mentioned previously, routine maintenance can only do so much, which means that repairs will be needed in some cases. Having our professional heating technicians repair certain components of your system is still a preventative and vital part to avoiding the need for a complete system replacement. 

At Andy’s Pipe Dream, we understand that heating services can be expensive, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with the heating repair services that your system needs at a price that you can afford. Contact our team today for more information!

Does Your Heating System Need Repaired?

With all the little pieces that your heating system contains, it can be difficult to know exactly what is wrong when it stops working or simply isn’t functioning to its full potential. While it may still be running and producing some warm air, there can be something causing inefficiencies that could then lead to full repairs or replacements if not taken care of immediately.

Knowing when it is time to call the professionals at Andy’s Pipe Dream can be the hardest part in the heating repair process. However, our team is here for you to provide 24/7 emergency repair services, and we offer top-tier customer service that allows you to speak to one of our heating technicians for advice and information regarding your heating system needs. Below are some of the common signs that could mean that your heating system is needing a repair.

Take notice of increased energy bills

While it is normal in months of extreme temperatures for your heating system to run more than usual, this could also be a sign of needing a repair. If you notice that your energy bill is running high without an explanation, give our heating technicians a call today!

Follow your nose to funny smells

Once your system kicks on, the initial smells of it heating up and burning dust that has settled should dissipate pretty quickly. If your heating system creates weird burning smells long after it kicks on, it may mean that the system is overheating or heating incorrectly.

Pay attention to weird noises

If you hear odd banging or squealing noises within your heating system, this is a sign for concern. This could be caused by a small component shifting or loosening, which then leads to more complex problems if not inspected and repaired immediately.

Feel out any uneven heating

When certain parts of your heating system stop working correctly, it can cause inefficiencies in the way that it heats your home or business. This can lead to both cold spots and overly heated spots as it is not capable of circulating the air properly within the space.   

If you have identified any of these signs occurring within your heating system, contact our expert heating technicians at Andy's Pipe Dream in Kansas City today!

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Our Heating Repair Process

At Andy’s Pipe Dream in Kansas City, our team consists of heating technicians that specialize in both residential and commercial heating systems. From heat pumps to boilers and furnaces, we have the experience and knowledge needed to get your heating system repaired and back up and running in no time. Continue reading to learn more about our repair process. Contact our team today for more information!

Process Steps



First off, we need to inspect the situation. This may occur during maintenance or a tune-up service in which one of our technicians finds a component of your heating system that needs to be replaced, or you may identify an issue that needs to be looked at by a professional.

Plan To Repair

Next, it is time to create the best plan for repairing the damaged part of your heating system. Since there are a number of different problems that can occur, the repair plans can vary. It could be as simple as resealing a ductwork joint, or it could be a more complex motor repair.

Fix The Problem

Now that we have inspected your heating system to fully identify the problem and have collaborated with you to find the best plan for repairing the system, it is time to get your heat back up and running as efficiently and effectively as possible to keep your home or business warm. 

At Your Service

We are dedicated to providing you the combination of high-quality parts with top-tier customer service to ensure that your home or business stays warm on the coldest of winter days in Kansas City. With our parts and labor warranty, we are here for you long after your heating repair service


Choosing Andy’s Pipe Dream

As a family-owned and operated business, our team at Andy’s Pipe Dream strives to offer a more personal and understanding experience when it comes to heating repairs and maintenance. We know that the ability to heat your home or business is extremely important to you as it is an absolute necessity, especially during the cold months here in Kansas City.

However, our team also understands that the money is not always there when you need it, which is why we have financing options available to help you out with the cost of your heating maintenance or repairs. Contact our licensed and insured team at Andy’s Pipe Dream to schedule a heating repair or maintenance service today!


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